Gurl Gear Expo 2011

The GURL GEAR EXPO started out because of a couple experiences I had at different times. In February 2011, I attended the International Motorcycle show at the Rosemont’s Donald E. Stephenson Center. In my opinion, this event is all about the guys and the ladies are merely window dressing for the guys and the bikes. Off to the side in the back room, Gin Shear and Sue Slate were hosting a booth just for the ladies - The Ladies Motorcycling Center - hosted by the Women Motorcycle Foundation. They had some gear there for the ladies to look at, but nothing was for sale. Gin and Sue gave seminars on Gear, Rides, Safety, and other cool ideas. I was helping out on Saturday as a representative from Women On Wheels along with some other members from my chapter. All the time thinking, it’s too bad they can’t buy any of the gear. After the event we had some dialog to discuss what they could have done differently. Lots of ideas floated around, but they were all based on this similar venue, and no gear for sale.

Later, I learned a local motorcycle dealership in Des Plaines, IL, was hosting a Ladies Night. So I grabbed up some of my Ladies from my motorcycle chapter and we went to the event. Once we arrived, we all dispersed and shopped and had a great time. I was over talking to my friend Monique, and she was trying on a motorcycle jacket brought there by Dave Kane. While she was trying on the jacket I was just watching the event and looking around. I got to thinking; this would be cool if it were bigger. I started thinking about the possibility of pulling off an all ladies motorcycle gear night. But in my mind it was limited to the members in my Women On Wheels chapter and surrounding chapters.
As I sat there on a stool watching my friend try on a jacket, I had an epiphany; we should have a Girls Gear night. Without a hesitation I looked over to Dave (did not know his name then), and asked him if he would be interested in coming to our monthly meeting and bringing some gear for the ladies to look at and maybe buy, and give a talk on his gear. He said YES! I got his card and a few weeks later I contacted him and the others I talked to that night and asked them if they liked my idea and would be interested in coming.

I put together a flyer for the event and emailed it off to Dave, and we began the dialog on the event. I had never imagined the event would turn in to what it is now, “GURL GEAR EXPO 2011”. From that one evening, it all came together; between Dave’s energy and mine we are putting together one heck of an event for the ladies.

Background on our guest author:
I am 50 years young, and I have been riding motorcycles since I was able to (and before I was old enough to have a MC class License legally in WI!). I have owned about 7 motorcycles ranging in CC’s from 50cc to 1100. Currently I ride an ’82 Honda GL1100 Interstate. I have owned this bike for almost 20 years. I have traveled all over the US, never abroad, but have never been east on the bike, like to NY. I have been to Virginia & North Carolina and ridden on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I would have to say, Yosemite national Forrest in CA. was my most challenging ride.

Right now I am the chapter Director for a chapter of Women On Wheels, in Crystal Lake, IL., the NE Illinois Red Hawk Riders, and BTW your hosts for the GURL GEAR EXPO 2011.

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