Red light relief - ACTION NEEDED

If you live in Illinois - Please read and take action with the info below. With only a week left, and hearing there is lobbying against the bill, it's important to take action.

I've posted this information to other riding groups I participate with:

We ALL have a line to the Governors office.
If you ride a motorcycle you should support this bill. There is a problem
in that the Gov. is being lobbied to veto it. It seems there are several
groups and local police officials that think it will cause chaos around the state because motorcyclists will take this as a law that allows them to ignore stoplights.

Governor Quinn needs to hear from all who support this. A phone call will do it. The Gov's office numbers are: (217) 782-0244 in the capitol or his Chicago office is (312) 814-2121. Just tell the person who answers that you support HB2860 and ask that the Governor either sign it or allow it to become law.

Alternatively, below is a message I sent to the Governor both via Facebook and

...feel free to copy & paste, or revise as you like:

Governor Quinn - Please allow HB2860 to pass.

There are just too many intersections that detect neither motorcycles nor bicycles. It's amazing in this day and age of technology, but it's true. Other states have enacted similar legislation and I was happy when I heard that Illinois was considering it.

For all those lobbying against it, please ask them whether or not they ride. My guess is they don't and thus haven't endured the pain (literally and figuratively) of sitting at a red light for and extended period of time, watching it cycle through for cars, but not for a motorcyclist wanting to turn left.

Thanks for your consideration.



8/28 Update

Governor returned the bill with Amendatory Veto recommendations:

That the bill be amended to provide that:

it shall be an affirmative defense that the red traffic signal failed to detect the arrival of a motorcycle or bicycle due to the vehicle’s size or weight and the operator (i) waited at least 120 seconds before proceeding, and (ii) yielded the right of way to oncoming traffic facing a green signal; and to provide that no vehicle may proceed past a red traffic signal where turning on red is prohibited.

With these changes, House Bill 2860 will have my approval. I respectfully request your concurrence.

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